How Bail Bonds Work

  1. You call Bell Bail Bonds in Missouri at 314-239-3645 when you need to get someone out of jail fast.
  2. We will gather the needed information from you so we can get the paperwork rolling. Have these things handy:
    1. Full legal name of the person in jail
    2. Their date of birth
    3. What jail they are in
    4. How much their bond is
    5. What they are charged with
  3. We will meet you or a person you designate at the jail and receive payment.
    1. Standard bail bond charge in Missouri is 10% of the total bail amount
  4. We will complete the necessary paperwork for you.
  5. We will complete the paperwork required by the jail and wait for them to release your loved one.


Do you think you might have a warrant? Just call and we can help you find out. If you do, we will help you with bonding out or with a self-arrest.

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We are a licensed bail bondsman for several counties in St. Louis. These include:

  • Bail Bonds Franklin County MO
  • Bail Bonds Washington County MO
  • Bail Bonds St. Charles County MO
  • Bail Bonds Ste. Genevieve County MO
  • Bail Bonds St. Francois County MO
  • Bail Bonds Crawford County MO
  • Bail Bonds Warren County MO
  • Bail Bonds Montgomery County MO